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We are delighted that you want to become a member of the German AIPPI national group.

Every member has to pay an annual membership fee. The amount of the annual fee and the reduced annual fee is determined by the general meeting. This annual fee is currently EUR 210. The fee for new members in the first two years of membership is EUR 105.00.

This reduced fee of EUR 105.00 also applies to persons in selected membership categories, namely young members under the age of 36, full-time judges, employees of state IP offices and/or professors and their employees. However, there is no multiple reduction, i.e. the reduced fee of EUR 105.00 also applies if a member falls into more than one of the aforementioned membership categories.

The annual fee and the reduced annual fee comprise the annual fee to be paid by each member to the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property plus a surcharge to cover the expenses of the German National Group arising from the administration and management as well as the fulfillment of statutory tasks.

The membership application must be submitted directly on the website of the international association, which you can access via the following link:

Further information on membership can be found in our statutes, which can be downloaded from the following link: