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About the AIPPI

AIPPI Germany

AIPPI, which stands for “Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle”, is an independent, non-profit organisation.Its purpose is to promote understanding of the need to protect intellectual property and to harmonise intellectual property law. The latter is achieved through the study and comparison of existing laws in the context of study questions and proposals for improvement in the form of resolutions.

AIPPI’s members are lawyers, patent attorneys and representatives from all areas of intellectual property in corporations and private law firms around the world, as well as academics, judges, government officials and others associated with intellectual property. Founded in 1897, AIPPI has become one of the leading associations in the field, bringing together experts and professionals from around the world to share knowledge and best practices in intellectual property protection.

AIPPI has more than 8,000 members from 131 countries. The German association has around 800 members and is the largest national group within the organisation. It is a registered association and is based in Berlin.

With its training programmes in the form of the annual seminar, the AIPPI Special at the GRUR Annual Conference and the Trilateral Seminar, the German national group of AIPPI is an important promoter of education in intellectual property law.

The German national group also contributes to the development of intellectual property law outside its core activities, for example by submitting statements on current legal developments to the Federal Ministry of Justice and participating in government consultations.

Our Work

The aim of AIPPI is to improve and promote the protection of intellectual property at international and national level.

It pursues this goal by advocating the development, expansion and improvement of international and regional treaties and agreements as well as national laws on intellectual property.

To this end, AIPPI’s national groups work on various study questions in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyright and general law on an annual basis. The results of the work in the national groups are the national group reports (“study reports”). The reports are bundled in summary reports and developed into draft resolutions in a voting process at the World Congress. Based on these drafts, the resolutions – AIPPI’s most important work product – are adopted by vote in the Executive Committee.

The resolutions, national group reports and other AIPPI work products can be accessed in the AIPPI online library (link to the AIPPI Library).

The AIPPI was founded in Brussels in 1897 on the initiative of leading legal scholars and representatives of the legal professions. The first congress was held in Vienna in October 1897. Congresses were initially held annually until the First World War brought an interruption that lasted until 1925. The association was revived in 1925, with the organization moving to Switzerland under the leadership of the Zurich patent attorney Eugen Blum. AIPPI’s activities were interrupted for a second time between 1938 and 1946 as a result of the Second World War. Since then, it has continuously developed into its current structure. In its long history, AIPPI has played a significant role in the further development, expansion and harmonization of international intellectual property law by issuing more than 700 resolutions and statements on legal issues and representing them before national authorities and international bodies, in particular the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI/WIPO).

The AIPPI World Congress, which is open to all members and non-members, takes place annually in September or October. Normally, up to 2,000 members and accompanying persons attend.

At the World Congress, upcoming work issues are discussed and decisions are made on a consensus basis. At the same time, each World Congress offers a wide-ranging educational programme with high-ranking speakers, lectures and discussions on current IP topics. In addition, there is always a rich cultural programme in sometimes spectacular surroundings, e.g. at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London 2019) or La Scala in Milan (Milan 2016).

The World Congress offers an excellent opportunity for all participants to meet and build personal and professional relationships with colleagues from all over the world.

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AIPPI Germany

Executive Board


Dr. Karsten Königer


Attorney at Law


Dr. Clemens Heusch


Attorney at Law


Dr. Jan Dombrowski


Attorney at Law


Markus Rieck LL.M.


Patent Attorney

AIPPI Germany

Board of Directors


Prof. Dr. Maximilian Haedicke

Professor of Law

Prof. Dr. Mary-Rose McGuire

Professor of Law

Dr. Gauthier Obrecht

European Patent Attorney

Dr. Ralph Nack

Attorney at Law

Dr. Ralf Hackbarth

Attorney at Law

Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann

Attorney at Law

Dr. Gert Würtenberger

Attorney at Law

Dr. Christian Lederer

Attorney at Law

Dr. Sabine Kossak

Patent Attorney

Dr. Svenja Steinbrink

Patent Attorney

Dr. Sönke Lorenz

Patent Attorney

Dr. Christof Karl

Attorney at Law/Patent Attorney
AIPPI Deutschland

Advisory board members

Gajeck Niclas

Dr. Niclas Gajeck

Advisory Board of the Young Members
AIPPI Germany

Honorary members


Dr. Hans Peter Kunz-Hallstein

Attorney at Law

Professor Dr. Joseph Straus

Professor of Law

Prof. Dr. Jochen Bühling

Attorney at Law

Dr. Michael Maikowski

Patent Attorney

Prof. Dr. Peter Mes

Attorney at Law

Stephan Freischem

Patent Attorney


Here you will find information on AIPPI activities.

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Preparation of national Group Reports

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AIPPI International

The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, known as AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle), is the umbrella organisation under which all national groups are organised. The world’s leading non-profit organisation in its field is committed to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property.

It is a politically neutral, non-profit organisation based in Switzerland with over 8,000 members from 131 countries worldwide.

Become a member of AIPPI

Joining AIPPI means becoming part of an organisation that has been shaping intellectual property for over 125 years.